Esther Luttrell, Artist
"Carousel #4 - 
The Painted Pony"
"Pueblo by Starlight"

A friend saw this and said, "Yep, no doubt about it. You're ready to paint on black velvet." - Which, I think, is something like tellng me that I've graduated to paint-by-number.
"A Foggy Day in Venice"
"Autumn in Vermont"
"Easter Island"

So many mysteries ...
"A Street in Greece"
"In the Deep South"

Another experiment in watercolor pencil. I love working in that medium, but seldom remember to use it, when I sit down to paint. 
"The Wheelhouse"
painted on board
"The Waterfall in Oil"

I was still trying to learn about art when I stumbled across Bob Ross teaching his techniques on TV. Armed with a palette, brushes, easel and a canvas the next afternoon, I followed his every move and by the end of his half hour show I had created this!  I still enjoy watching his old shows on our local PBS station. What a precious man he was. As Bob might have said,  looking at this painting, "Hey ... maybe there's a little rabbit, or baby wolf with his momma, living deep inside these woods. You never know."
"The Train"

I'd like to say this was painted (watercolor pencils) on commission, but that would be a bit of a stretch since I didn't get paid. Besides, it was my step-daughter Rean doing the asking. I guess, to keep the story perfectly straight, the truth is, I painted it on request. In any case, she loved it and that's all that mattered.
"The Pastel  Pony"

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